Pick up Frozen in Fear Cruise Today! – Addison Moore

Pick up Frozen in Fear Cruise Today!

Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison's books, “…easy, frothy fun!”

An impending divorce. An ornery homicide detective. The cruise of a lifetime. And ghosts.

Midlife on the high seas is proving to be a real killer. 

If I thought the first half of my life was a bumpy ride, I’d better buckle up because I’m about to go over the hill and off the rails.

A laugh out loud Cozy Mystery by New York Times, USA TODAY, & Wall Street Journal bestseller Addison Moore. A cruise ship cozy mystery!

My name is Trixie Troublefield, and I live on a cruise ship. My days are filled with exciting shore excursions, nonstop buffets, and ceaseless games of bingo—can life get any better than this? 

A popular women's life coach is entertaining her ardent fans on board the Emerald Queen. Positivity abounds but the future isn't looking so bright for one unfortunate soul.

Not to mention my boyfriend’s ex-wife is joining us on the cruise and if the tension wasn't enough, she has a few strange tendencies that raise more than a brow.

But when a lifeless body is discovered on board, the voyage takes a chilling turn. And to make matters worse, I think my boyfriend’s ex just might have a prime motive for murder as well.

The Emerald Queen is cruising through Alaska’s majestic landscapes, but lurking beneath the pristine beauty, a cold-blooded killer lies in wait. One unsuspecting passenger embarks on a journey to the final frontier—and as fate would have it, it will be their final destination. 

Midlife on the high seas is proving to be murder.