Fur Friends – Addison Moore

Fur Friends

Hey there! It's Fish & Chip! Addison's great cats! Guess what? If you send Addison a picture of your fur-end she's going to put it up on this page! Check out our new fur-ends below!

Fish & Chip (in reverse order!)
This is beautiful Belle!
This is sleepy Sofie! We love her!
Braveheart and Cheeto are best napping buds!
This trio is too cute to beat! Their hooman is Kelly S!
This is Bella! We think she's beautiful!!! And she knows how to pose purr-ty!
This is sweet Mietzie and her furry pooch! We think they are both paw-riffic!
This cute little guy just picked out his hooman one day by showing up on Lorraine's porch! He doesn't have a name just yet but for now we'll call him Lucky!
This is Callie and Smokey! Aren't they fang-tastic? We can tell they like to cuddle!
This is Missy! We think she's the greatest! Look at those eyes!
This is Angel. We think she's an Angel indeed!
Just look at those eyes!
This is our Fur-end Maple! Isn't he a handsome fellow?
Meet our Fur-end, Chloe! She's Maple and Angel's sweet sister! We think she's paw-rrific!
Isn't this a cute kitty? We think she's pretty smart too since she has her own laptop! Her hooman's name is Dora!
Guess who this looker is? Her name is Holly!
We think she's super sweet. She wrote us an e-mewl!
This is Cuddles! Can you believe she's a grandma?
We can't believe it either!
We thinks she looks like a spring chicken!
This is Mandy! We think she has the best ears ever! She is one of Cuddles grand babies!
This adorable cutie pie is Maggie May! We think she looks like a living doll! She's Cuddles grand baby too!
Look at these adorable fur-ends!
We think they're training for the napping Olympics!
We love this snoozing trio! We would love to join them for a nap sometime too!
This is our fur-end, Angel Birdie! Her paw had a boo boo but she's okay, and now her hooman calls it her “angel wing.” We think Angel is purr-ty great. We give her ten paws out of ten paws for being paw-some!

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Carol says April 10, 2023

Love your books!

Cindy says April 10, 2023

Belle is beautiful!

Elaine says April 10, 2023

Belle is very pretty.

Cindy says April 12, 2023

I just love your books!! Fish $ Chips are wonderful. Thanks for doing the newsletter for your mom. ❤️😀

Cindy says April 17, 2023

See above

Susan Johnson says April 17, 2023

Awww…love all the cuties!

Diana Morelli says April 17, 2023

I love all of the fur babies. Please keep them coming and I would love to see more pictures of Fish and Chip!

Laurel says May 29, 2023


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