Coffee with Bowie Binx! – Addison Moore

Coffee with Bowie Binx!

Hey there!  It’s me, Bowie Binx, formerly known as Stella Santini. I’m on the run from the feds and the mob—and I somehow ended up in the most enchanting town on the planet. I’m not exactly dancing on a four leaf clover in life, so it’s a pretty big deal to me. And the scenery isn’t the only thing making me feel lucky these days. I have a confession to make. 

I think I’m falling for someone. 

He’s tall, dark, handsome and obnoxious to a fault. I guess you can’t have everything. 

But at the end of the day, Shepherd Wexler, is a pretty good guy. He’s so good in fact, that when he found out I was on the run—he agreed to keep my secret despite the fact that little tidbit could cost him everything. 

I do have one other secret that I’m not in a hurry to share with him though. I have this odd little quirk. It’s actually more of a curse than it ever is a blessing. You see, I have this strange ability to see into the future. Not whenever I want—and it’s not always spot on. Okay, fine—it’s almost never spot on. What I usually see is just close enough to reality to get me into trouble. And that’s exactly all it’s done for me since I’ve been to Starry Falls. I’ve let a few people here in town in on my secret but Shep isn’t one of them. I’m not sure I’ll ever confess my foray into the future to him. And the day I do—I bet he’d be out of my life for good.


I’m keeping that little tidbit close to the vest for now.   


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