A Dreadful Meow-ment is live! – Addison Moore

A Dreadful Meow-ment is live!

It's here! Are you ready to head back to Starry Falls? Bowie's number just might be up. Her true identity has been revealed and now she needs to make a decision—should she stay or should she run?

Pick up the book and see what she decides! —Amazon–> A Dreadful Meow-ment

A highly inaccurate psychic. A grumpy writer. And a corpse. Welcome to Starry Falls. Running from the mob can be murder.

Confession. I’m no psychic. But I can sort of see the future—albeit not accurately. And you better believe, I’ve never let that little detail stop me from prognosticating my way into a pickle. So when I ticked off the mob, the feds, and my wily ex, I decided to take my Uncle Vinny’s advice and start over with a new name and new hair color while relying on my old shtick—getting my psychic wires crossed and putting myself in danger. 

It’s turning out to be a long, hot, summer. But when Shep takes me to his high school reunion, as his date, things heat up more than ever. Suffice it to say, his old female classmates aren’t too thrilled to see he’s taken. And even though Shep is insistent on keeping up our couples ruse, one of his rusty, dusty, old girlfriend’s isn’t buying it. And when one of his good friends ends up biting the big one, all suspicion is cast upon the interloper among them. That would be me.  

Living in Starry Falls is proving to be deadly. 

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