Feeling a little SHAMELESS – Addison Moore

Feeling a little SHAMELESS

Hey Friends!

Plus brand NEW covers for the entire 3:AM Kisses Series! 

SHAMELESS KISSES is almost here to charm you—or shame you. Maybe both? 

A little about the book:
Three weekends in New York City.
Two people who can’t stand each another.
One shameless kiss. 

Eli Gates is not a fan of watching out for his buddy’s kid sister.
Harley Shelton is not a fan of having Whitney Briggs University’s premier playboy trailing her on her trip to New York City.
Eli has a secret he’s keeping from Harley, and he thinks it’s hilarious.
Harley has a secret she gladly shares with Eli—she’s talking to someone hot and mysterious on the new dating app Eli helped build.

But Eli’s secret isn’t so funny when it blows up in his face.
Harley’s sexy suitor isn’t so hot when he turns out to be a stalker.
And everything explodes after one shameless kiss.

Eli Gates used to be all about the girls—and now all he wants is Harley.

Happy reading.

 Enjoy the week! 

XOXO ~Addison 

 Amazon Nook Apple / Google / KoboThe release is this Thursday! Pre-Orders are still up everywhere but that ends Wednesday night! If you read on Apple, Google, Nook, or Kobo be sure to pick it up today. It won't be available there again until later this spring. If you haven't read a single 3:AM Kisses book, no worries! They are all designed to be standalone novels. Some of you might have noticed a cover change throughout the series. It was a bit involuntary in that this past January a serious law was passed which makes the places that I love to advertise with unable to display covers that might be too racy. I bet you've noticed quite a few covers across the board being remade in the past few months and newer covers coming out with less sexy stuff in your face. That law, and its trickle down effect, is the reason. And because I do like to advertise my books I decided to recover the series. The covers I have now don't have any people on them. It's a HUGE undertaking to recover 18 books, plus all of the boxed sets tied to the series—and finding new couples for them all would be mind-boggling to do so quickly, so I've opted for something light and cozy for now. The paperbacks are still in their original forms BUT—there's a kerfuffle there too. Createspace, the vendor for all indies, has closed up shop (not really, Amazon ate them for breakfast, but Amazon also sort of owned them. It's a mess.) Anyhoo! I'm not sure how many more copies of the old covers will be available and for how long. It will take a tiny bit for me to get the new covers generated and uploaded. Sorry for the info dump! But I thought you might want to know. 🙂

On the upside I'm in LOVE with the new covers! I think they touch on the heart of the 3:AM Kisses Series. 
 So here's to more kisses, the sweeter the better. XOXO More MURDER IN THE MIX Pre-Orders! Click on the titles below!

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