Kobo BOGO sale is here! – Addison Moore

Kobo BOGO sale is here!

Hello Friends!

Just a few more days and THE FIRST WIFE'S SECRET  will be here to haunt you! Right now it's up for pre-order on all e-reader platforms! Don't hesitate to pick this one up. It will be an Amazon exclusive come release day THIS THURSDAY! This book grabs you and it does not let go. You won't want to miss it!

And craving another 3:AM Kisses book? I've got one! SHAMELESS KISSES drops 2/28/19 and the pre-order link is below! It is such a FUN book! You can't miss it.

Scroll down for the Kobo BOGO sale info! I've got links! 

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Beautiful Oblivion, Beautiful Illusions, Beautiful Elixir, Beautiful Deception, A Good Year for Heartbreak, Heartless,Wicked Heart, Stone Cold Heart.

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