Excerpt: Reckless Kisses! – Addison Moore

Excerpt: Reckless Kisses!

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***In this scene Sunday is looking for someone to help out with her foray into recklessness…..happy reading!***

I take in a soothing breath as I give a quick look around. Somewhere in this room is my Mister Right Now, and I’m about to find him. I take a sip of the toxic brew in the Solo Serena gifted me and gag as soon as the noxious poison hits the back of my throat.

“Here she is,” a male voice strums from behind, and I turn expectantly, only to be deflated by the fact it’s just Seth. My heart thumps unnaturally as it usually does when he catches me off guard. Seth’s arresting features have been sending hearts a thumping all over Whitney Briggs University this past year. Not that I expected anything different. When I first met Seth, I was immediately smitten by his dark wavy hair and those deep navy eyes. And just as I began to fall hard, my brothers stepped in and put the kibosh on that good time. Seth’s sister, Misty, is marrying my brother, Nolan, in three and a half weeks, New Year’s Eve to be exact. Years ago, when Misty and Nolan started dating, both Rush and Nolan made it clear that Seth was off-limits. And as angry as I was at the time, I eventually reconciled with the idea. My family is very close—sans my father—and Misty has always felt like family, so anything between Seth and me would be beyond weird, bordering on incestuous. Even though Nolan and Misty had a breakup that lasted several years, I still considered her a relative of sorts—a distant relative, but nevertheless, the two of them are back on and so is the wedding. Therefore, the stunning male specimen before me is relegated to an annoying older brother—something I seem to have no shortage of.

“Go away.” I turn back to the crowd and spot Eli Gates standing with Lawson and Grant, a couple of my brother’s friends. I’m pretty sure I should steer clear from anyone who remotely knows my brother, but since Rush is sort of a big man on campus that would be impossible to do. Besides, it’s not my fault he has a bevy of sizzling hot friends who have the ability to crane the necks of both the young and the old. And Eli Gates definitely fits the bill with his jet-black hair and dazzling smile that seems to have a hypnotic effect on the masses. That blue-checkered flannel he’s wearing sets off his eyes like glowing beacons.

“Who are you looking for?” Seth tips his head back and glowers at his friends from across the room.

“I’m not looking for anyone in particular.” I bite down on my lip, trying to envision myself behind locked doors with Eli. He’s handsome, classically so with a straight Roman nose, dark hair that offsets his bright eyes, and he always seems to have that particular dazzling smile for anyone coming his way. Maybe he’s too friendly? I mean, he does have a reputation. Do I really want to get busy with someone who has a reputation for doing just that with everyone on campus? Then again, I’m not too sure if rumor equals reality.

“Are you checking out Eli?” Seth sounds affronted by the idea, and I can’t help but scoff my way past him. Honestly, having Seth in my airspace really is just as bad as being tied to one of my brothers.

“Maybe, maybe it was the cute frat boy behind him or the dozen or so to my left or right.” I take another swig of the battery acid in my cup and give a mean shudder as it saws its way down my throat. “I’m in it for the long haul tonight.”

“Whoa.” Seth inches back. “You got some high-octane fuel there. You keep chugging that stuff and you won’t remember the night.”

“Believe me, I plan to keep chugging. And I plan on keeping this tiny red barrel of fun to the brim.” I raise the cup between us and accidently graze his rock-hard chest. Seth is on the basketball team here at Briggs—he’s been on any and every basketball team since the day we met. Nolan used to take me to his games way back when he was still trying to impress Misty. In that regard, it feels as if Seth and I have practically grown up together. Only I’ve never really seen him as a brother. Most likely because I’m filled to the brim with those high-octane creatures to begin with. “I’m determined to have a good time, and rule number one explicitly states loosen the heck up.”

He gives a dark laugh, his lids slit low, and my stomach does that annoying bounce he always seems to elicit. “You’re cute.” The smile dissipates from his face. “But I don’t approve.”

Ha!” I laugh right in his face, or at least as close as I dare to get. God knows I’ve had my fair share of whiskey, and if I get a little too close, my lips might be tempted to fall over his, ending that whole Seth Baker embargo. “As if I needed or cared about your approval. You’re not my brother, Seth.” I move past him, and he follows along.

“That’s right. I’m your friend. And as your friend, I’m hugely suggesting you try to have a good time sober. It works, I promise.”

My gaze flits right to Eli Gates with that dark hair and chest the size of the front door. “My God, all that muscle mass could easily crush me if he landed on top of me.”

What, you can’t be serious. Eli?” Seth sounds as if he’s about to have an aneurysm, and I spin around on the heel of my stiletto. “He’s not getting on top of you. No way, no how.”

“Would you shush! Relax. He’s not getting on top of you.” I bring my finger to my lips and fight the urge to smack him in the process. “If you’re really my friend, you’ll cheer me on in my endeavors.” I smack him over the shoulder three times fast. “You can’t be negative or you’ll ruin my mojo.”

“What the hell is mojo and why do you need it?”

I take a deep breath and look back to Eli, trying my hardest to feel an inkling of wanting, a spark of anything—at this point, I’d take heartburn. “Eli will do. He’s handsome, all right, but for some reason I don’t get those butterfly jitters the way you read about in romance novels—then again, those are works of fiction and this is real life. Most people probably never even experience butterflies. More like bats,” I pant as I stare at the six foot three wall of testosterone demanding that my ovaries pop. “Eli is on both the basketball team and the football team. Not to mention the fact he’s rumored to be good in bed. He’s basically a real-life triple threat—right here at Whitney Briggs.”

Seth grunts as he rakes his hair back in an aggressive manner. “Sunday, I don’t know what the hell you’re thinking about doing, but let’s just take a few steps back. If you want someone to hang out with and have a good time—I volunteer. I’ll take one for the team and make sure you land back in your bed all by your lonesome. I’m not letting you near that guy tonight.”

I make a beeline to the refreshment table, and Seth cuts me off at the pass. Just as I’m about to snap up a couple of Solos and bolt into the crowd, Seth grabs me by the shoulders and navigates us to the back of the room where an entire slew of beer pong tables sit in various levels of slovenliness. “Right there, you and me. I promise you’ll have a good time, and you won’t get any communicable diseases out of the deal.”

“Ugh, I hate beer pong. It’s the epitome of college life”—Serena’s voice filters through my mind like an echo, and I can hear her voice chime out the word boring on a loop—“in other words, the perfect way to end my night.” Great. I’ll get feasibly wasted, find Eli, then lock him in a room. I’m sure he’ll know what to do from there.


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