Placeholder cover for EPHEMERAL – Addison Moore

Placeholder cover for EPHEMERAL

Welcome! Here's the working cover for my new series,  EPHEMERAL (The Countenance Book 1).

The book is under the editing knife as we speak. Laken my new MC had a brief cameo in VEX as the girl in the blue tube, and Wesley, her boyfriend, is featured in Celestra Book 7! The Countenance is a spin off series of Celestra and has loose ties to themes and characters. I anticipate The Countenance to be a trilogy, but it might span out to four books.  

Here's the preface~  Happy reading!


I used to believe in things, in people,
in places, and names—concrete forms of life that ended at some point in the
unknowable future. I used to believe memories were infallible, that they could
never collapse around you like a house of cards, burn to cinders before ever
touching the ground.

People vanish all the time. Other people.
You hear about it on the news, see their smiling faces staring back at you on
milk cartons—their pictures plastered around town like wanted posters. But it
was a world within a world, and innately you knew this could never really

I used to believe in death. I used to
believe once they put you in that box and tucked you away for one very long
night under six feet of soil it was finished. The sunlight, fresh air, a warm
embrace, they would never be yours again. It was the final vanishing act—your
curtain pulled down and covering your casket. That was the day it would all
start anew. Staring into the face of God, awaiting your final judgment.

But I was wrong about everything.

I had my name, my life, and my eternal
judgment revoked in one passing hour at the hands of madmen who share my

They took everything but my memory. They
tried and failed, and now I am nothing more than a liability, a spark in a bed
of dried timber, waiting to unleash an inferno. I don’t know how long I can go
before they stop me or if they even care.

I used to believe so easily and now I
strain the most insignificant detail from each passing day as if it were

I know one solid truth. Everything about
this new world is a lie.

I’m going to infiltrate their ranks—dismantle
their kingdom—take them down until they all vanish, evaporate like smoke from
the planet, erase any memory of them as if they had never happened.

Or I’ll die trying.

And I just might.  

Hope you enjoyed!

Thoughts on the cover? I'd love to hear!
EmilyABC says May 16, 2012

I want to read it now!!! when do you think this one will be out?? it sounds awesome!!!!

Cristelaone says May 16, 2012

When is it coming out????, I'm eager to read it already,,,:(

Ann Eggett says May 16, 2012

There is NOTHING I would change! Perfect like always! I love how different the cover is from the Celestra book series

Alissa says May 16, 2012

Can't wait! Cover is awesome!

Wendy Paine Miller says May 16, 2012

Oh my gorgeous! I'll model the next cover for you! Throw in the dress & it's a deal. 😀

So excited for you lady!
~ Wendy

Heather says May 16, 2012

Beautiful. The contrast between the dark of the cemetery and red of the dress is very striking. Love it!

Ariadne says May 16, 2012

Cover is beautiful, and is different from the celestra series, I like that.. I thought Laken had black hair, am I wrong?

Andthe preface sounds awesome! want to read the book now!

Elle Strauss says May 16, 2012

Gorgeous cover, Addison! Congrats on your new series!!

Andrea @The Bookish Babes says May 16, 2012

Love!! I can't wait to read Ephemeral.

I just finished Expel. I'm distraught! This series is killing me in the best way. I'm sure the new series will do the same!

AddisonMoore says May 16, 2012

EmilyABC – Thank you! I'm pretty sure it will be out this summer. It's at the mid editorial stage and I want to push it out the door before Book 7 launches. Can't wait to share it!

AddisonMoore says May 16, 2012

Cristelaone – lol, I know, I should probably set a date and stick to it. I just know summer is going to all over the place with edits and the beach. I'm shooting for July or sooner but don't tell. 😉 I'll be the last to commit.

AddisonMoore says May 16, 2012

Ann Eggett – You are so sweet!!! If I do get a few more mock covers going I might just put them up so you can vote. If not it's nice to know you like this one. Thank you for all of your support. 🙂

AddisonMoore says May 16, 2012

Alissa- Thank you! I can't wait to share the new series!!

Wendy – You would make a gorgeous cover model!!! And of course I'd throw in the dress to have you. I'd give you anything. Thanks for stopping by girl!

Heather – Thank you! I wanted to be sure it could be seen on a smaller scale. I'm still cracking the whip with my hubby though. 😉 Not through yet.

Ariadne – Gosh I hope I didn't say that. In the counts I wrote her as a carmel colored blonde-brunnette. Although her hair was wet and blue in VEX. 😉

Elle Strauss – Thank you girl!!!!

AddisonMoore says May 16, 2012

Andrea @The Bookish Babes – Oh no! lol! I'm a tiny bit happy but not because I'm killing you. 😉 I'm glad you're in deep and because you felt distraught tells me you might have been team Gage? I really can't wait to share book 7 with you! Thank you so much for reading and for all the kind reviews, Andrea!!!

Yoss Jr says May 17, 2012

Okay, that cover is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE it! I can not wait for you to release it. If its as good as the Celestra, than I'm all yours… (As in, I'll be patiently waiting for you to hit the "Release" button so that I can hurriedly hit the "Purchase" button on my Kindle!!!) "

AddisonMoore says May 17, 2012

Yoss Jr – So sweet~! Thank you! I really do hope you'll like it as much as Celestra. Laken has a different voice than Skyla but was just as much fun to write. I really hope you'll enjoy it!

Kelly Washington says May 17, 2012

Addison, I like the cover. Much different from your Skyla covers.

The colors are a nice contrast to one another. The graveyard background will give the viewer an idea of the setting (which is always a good thing). Images of girls on covers is what I'm seeing a lot of. Your's will stand out because, 1) the girl isn't dead (seeing a lot of dead girls…) and 2) she isn't looking at us, she's looking away.

However, once the image is scaled to thumbnail size, it might be a tad difficult reading the book's title in the rose dress. Perhaps some fading/translucent of the roses just where the text is will help some.

Just my two cents.

Great job!

JMama says May 17, 2012

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

AddisonMoore says May 18, 2012

Kelly Washington – Thank you so much for the tips! I'm passing that along to my cover designer (a.k.a. my husband 😉 I think you're right. We'll see how it scales that way.

AddisonMoore says May 18, 2012

JMama – Thank you! I think every girl should have a dress made of roses at least once. Don't you? 😉

Laura Pauling says May 18, 2012

Love it and can't wait for it!

The Autumn Review says May 18, 2012

Love the cover! Look forward to it.

AddisonMoore says May 18, 2012

Laura Pauling – Thanx girl!

The Autumn Review – I can't wait to share it with you!!!

Amy says May 18, 2012

Stunning. I love how the roses catch my attention first with their beauty and color, then my eyes are drawn up to a haunting and ominous image of the graveyard. The roses like that also make me think of a casket spray of flowers. I think I am going to love these covers and this series as much as the Celestra series.

My vote for book 7 name: Toxic!! It just really flows with the other titles.

Book 7 comes out next month, correct? So, does that mean Ephemeral will be out before then?!?

kcasanova88 says May 18, 2012

Really like the cover, different than what's out there.

AddisonMoore says May 19, 2012

Hi Amy! Thank you for the cover luv! You hit the nail on the head with the casket spray because that was the idea that birthed the dress. I'm so glad it translated for you!

As for Book 7 (Thank you for voting for a title;) I'm actually diving into huge edits next month with it. I've spent all of May trying to get EPHEMERAL buttoned up. I'm going to be releasing EPHEMERAL first, hopefully in June or beginning of July. (Life keeps happening and interfering with my precious wiring schedule, lol! It's such a crazy time of year.

On EPHEMERAL's heels I should put out Book 7. Book 7 is longer than EXPEL. I anticipate a bumpy edit ride but I'm up for the challenge, and I'll keep Facebook and my blog posted with new info.

Thank you for asking~!

AddisonMoore says May 19, 2012

kcasanova88 – Thank you so much! I was hoping it would have a different feel. I do like to stand out. Thank you for reading!

elis says May 20, 2012

i love the cover cant wait to read it.. Will you have teasers along the way?

im not sure why but the cover really reminds of a show on ABC called Revenge. Have you seen it?

AddisonMoore says May 20, 2012

elis – Hi Elis! Thank you! I have teasers for EPHEMERAL on my FB page that post every Tuesday if you're interested. I have a link to my FB page here on the left.

I looked up Revenge and couldn't find a picture of the series. I did see one of a girl on the beach in a white coverup. If you have a link to the picture you're thinking of I'd love to see it.

I'm thinking of making the roses on her back smaller and more to scale then letting them grow out towards the bottom.

4tksbutterfly says May 22, 2012

I have to thank amazon for introducing me to your books. U were listed as a recommendation when I logged in back in December. Gotta love my new kindle. I am hooked!! And can not wait to read your next book. Love this cover. Definitely stands out.
I am team Gage all the way. But I am sure there is mire to Gage and Logan. Hurry!! Thanks again for doing what u do. My 12year old daughter is hooked as well.

AddisonMoore says May 22, 2012

4tksbutterfly – I'm so thankful you found the books and are enjoying them! And I'm super glad you're enjoying your Kindle! I love my e-reader. It's like having a bookstore in my hands 24/7. Dangerous, right? lol! Please tell your daughter I said hello and thank her for reading! 🙂

Amy says May 24, 2012

Hi again Addison, hearing that Toxic (yay for the name!) will be longer than Expel has me all excited! I love, love, love how long your books are, so don't edit too much, lol. Just kidding. Sort of. 😉

As for when the books are released, I'm just happy that you don't make us wait a whole year for each book. You turn them out so quickly and yet they don't have the feel of a book that was rushed by an author just to get it out there.

The teasers are killing me. Seriously. Right now. Killing me. And I'm loving every minute of it!

AddisonMoore says May 27, 2012

Hi Amy! I'm thrilled you're happy about the length of TOXIC. It's a bear to edit but I'm really happy with the story. And I'm glad you're enjoying the teasers! I so love doing them!

Gabrielle M says May 28, 2012

The cover is AWESOME!!!!! I love all your other books so I'm sure this one will be just as great!! Thank you for making such great books!! ~Gabby

AddisonMoore says May 31, 2012

Gabrielle M – Thank you for the cover luv! ANd thank you for the kind shout out to my other books. I can't wait to share both TOXIC and EPHEMERAL with you!

mari says June 4, 2012

Please release your seventh book NOW! Pretty pretty please!! Can't wait for this book … I should tell you though, the way you write has a poetry vibe to it.By that I mean, you writing is so detailed and everything wonderfully described your just amazing.

AddisonMoore says June 5, 2012

mari – lol! I love your enthusiasm for book 7. Nothing makes me happier. I'm editing it right now and I'll know more by the end of June. I really hope you'll enjoy it and I want to land it just right. I can't wait to share the next part of Skyla's story with you. Thank you so much for your nice words regarding my writing! I love that you feel a poetry vibe to it. That makes my heart sing. 🙂

kcasanova88 says July 5, 2012

When is.the book.being released?

kcasanova88 says July 5, 2012

When is.the book.being released?

kcasanova88 says July 5, 2012

When is.the book.being released?

AddisonMoore says July 6, 2012

kcasanova88- Hi! I'm still waiting to get it back from the editor. I'm still planning a July release. *hopes against hope* I'll put out due dates for both EPHEMERAL and TOXIC once I can be sure. Thank you so very much for reading~! 🙂

kcasanova88 says July 6, 2012

Thanks for the update can't to read them.

emsisme2013 says June 27, 2013

Your book sounds amazing, and I really want to read it, but I can't find a copy of it ANYWHERE!! I looked at Barnes & Noble but all they had was the Nook version of the book!! My local library doesn't have the book either!! I am really sad because I can't read it!! Is there anywhere that I can get a hard copy?

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