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No Nook news yet…

OK so I had it up on the Nook, but I'll be taking it down to reformat it. It looks like Barnes and Noble decided to eat my page breaks for breakfast. Please bear with me as I attempt to reformat and reprocess. Here's the link to Amazon in the meantime. Amazon apps are available free for both Mac's and PC's.

Also, thank you for all of your kind emails, DM's, comments. I love to hear from you guys!! Please feel free to email, facebook, twitter, leave a comment anytime.

Alyssia says June 1, 2011

Nook owners, you're in for a real treat.

Addison, I just finished Ethereal tonight, and LOVED it. How utterly refreshing to read a page-turning YA with plenty of spunk, a sassy heroine, and two guys so delicious, I swear I felt like a bona fide cougar by their second scene.

Excellent job, dear. Can't wait for Book 2.

AddisonMoore says June 1, 2011

Alyssia,I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!! Thank you for the kind words.

AddisonMoore says June 1, 2011

And it looks like Tremble is still available on Nook as it undergoes the changes. I have no control.

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