I’m over at Wren’s today! – Addison Moore

I’m over at Wren’s today!

I'm doing an interview over at Wren's today! I'd love it if you could stop on by. Link

Amanda says May 31, 2011

Enjoyed the interview! I posted on facebook that I loved Tremble. I bought it Friday, started it that evening, and finished it Saturday! I couldn't put it down! I have to say I love Marshall! He was a great addition, and is so funny! I'm hoping he sticks around in book 3 to cause a little more trouble…

AddisonMoore says May 31, 2011

Thanx Amanda I really appreciate it! And as for Marshall, I don't think I could get rid of him if I tried. 😉 He's already wreaking havoc in book 3.

Amanda says May 31, 2011

Love it! I can't wait for #3! I just loved every scene he was in!

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